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Arzooo unveils Gostor.com: A Home Appliances platform that integrates offline and Online


Ludhiana / Chandigarh, September 18, 2023 (News Team)
: Retail tech platform Arzooo strengthens its vertical play in consumer durable space with the launch of GoStor.com, making home appliances e-commerce more customer friendly. With the festive season approaching, this launch will help Arzooo establish a seamless connection between Indian shoppers and offline retailers.

GoStor.com embeds the unique in-store experience in it’s platform that’s designed for Home Appliances buying journey. The platform allows consumers to get expert assistance and product demonstrationvia live videoto make informed purchase decisions with right product.

Gostor.com also brings lifetime care service for every home appliance purchased on the platform with it’s post sales service solution. Besides the integrated product installation as part of purchase journey, As a product life-cycle care solution it enables customers to also raise instant service request in case of any appliances breakdown for a doorstep service.

Besides solving for some of the pertinent issues with online buying of high value goods with it’s flagship services like Live product demonstrations pre-purchase, Service support post purchases. Gostor.com also brings a unique feature of “Better Price Guarantee” wherein if one found a product elsewhere online, you can seek a better  price for the same product by just sharing the product link of that website.

Khushnud Khan, Founder and CEO, Arzooo states, “GoStor.com is a platform designed and curated for the high involvement purchases like Home Appliances. The platform emphasizes  elevating the purchase and the post purchase experience for an appliance buyer. With Arzooo’s vast network of Consumer durable stores, we aim to create an integrated commerce solution that caters to the need of Home Appliances buyers throughout the purchase journey and afterwards”

The platform is made for consumers who buy high-value products with a longer lifespan in categories that requires careful consideration. This is because home appliance buyers consider various attributes beyond just price while making purchase decision, like assisted buying in store, post-sales life-cycle support, and the overall product experience further add to the shopping experience. These attributes lead over 85% of home appliance buyers to prefer an offline store.

The unique approach of gostor.com boosts the buyer as well as the seller power. It empowers retailers with order management and inventory management solutions to be self-reliant when managing and selling their products nationwide. The exclusive features are part of an extensive collection spanning diverse categories, making Gostor.com a true “Click and Mortar” experience.
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