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Vi Launches Super Data Packs for Hourly and Daily Use


Ludhiana, July 06, 2023 (News Team)
: Data consumption needs for individuals is growing consistently. Data has become a necessity be it for work or personal usage. Today, users are heavily dependent on data for their day-to-day functioning which occasionally also demands very high or unrestricted data usage for activities such as for college project or online assignment, binge-watching a show, playing a game or watching a sports match. In such scenarios, prepaid customers are limited by their daily data quota and depend on expensive add-on data packs. To cater to this crucial demand, Vi, the leading telecom operator, has introduced two unique sachet data packs – ‘Super Hour & Super Day’. These packs enable Vi prepaid users to freely consume data without any disruption, elevating the user experience.

Priced affordably, Vi ‘Super Hour’ offers unlimited data for 60 minutes at Rs. 24, and Vi‘ Super Day’ offers 6GB for 24 hours at just Rs. 49. These sachet packs are designed especially for the youth and young adults with heavy data requirement. With this, Vi prepaid users can also enjoy binge watching movies, streaming videos, listening to music, playing games, surfing, chatting, working or studying without worrying about data exhaustion. Vi customers can also use these packs to play Vi Games, enjoy latest movies and videos on Vi Movies & TV or listen to their favourite numbers on Vi Music on the Vi app.

Vi aims to help Indians thrive today and tomorrow by designing meaningful solutions that fulfil their needs and unlock endless possibilities.
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