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Tata Tea Premium’s ‘Vaddi Khushiyaan De Tappe’ Initiative Engages With Ludhiana Customers on Lohri

Tata Tea Premium’s ‘Vaddi Khushiyaan De Tappe’ Initiative Engages With Ludhiana Customers on Lohri

Ludhiana, January 14, 2023 (News Team):
Tappa shave always been an integral element of Punjabi folk tradition, sung and performed by people at gatherings to celebrate happy events, milestones and festivals. Lohri, one of the key festivals in the region, provides Punjabis an opportunity to celebrate auspicious moments of their lives with loved ones, through this lyrical folkart format of ‘Tappas’.

As part of its latest Lohri initiative, TTP today engaged consumers in Ludhiana’s MBD Neopolice Mall with an interesting activation combining the vibrant folk art of Tappas and the colourful truck art culture that Punjab is famous for. The three-day initiative which kick-started on 12th January, is in line with TTP’s objective to provide consumers distinctive experiences. As part of the fun consumer engagement, participants had a chance to curate their own AI driven hyper-personalized Tappas sung by Shehnaz Gill, customized in their own name and celebrating an occasion of their choice which can be easily shared with their loved ones.

A fun kite-making contest held for on-lookers was another highlight of the event and customers were further enthralled by a larger than life truck installation that they painted and posed alongside. Through this campaign Tata Tea Premium integrates its hyper-local narrative into the space of hyper-personalization while bringing a new technological experience to the masses like never before.

A specially designed microsite (https://tatateatappe.com/)platform allowed consumers to create and share their own personalized music video ‘Tappa’, sung and performed by Punjab’s beloved star Shehnaaz Gill. This unique campaign ties together culture, technology, and festive fervor, to drive engagement and conversation across consumer touch points. Knitting together Lohri elements in a colourful manner, the brand has also released an exciting new TVC, featuring the actor, celebrating Lohri festivities, with a call to action urging consumers to participate in this novel and fun experience.

Commenting on the new campaign, Puneet Das, President - Packaged Beverages (India and South Asia), Tata Consumer Products said, “True to being the pioneers of hyper-local campaigns, Tata Tea Premium ‘Desh Ki Chai’, has pushed the envelope further to create a hyper-personal campaign. This Lohri, we are thrilled to launch the #VaddiKhushiyaanDeTappe campaign, in association with actor Shehnaaz Gill. Rooted in an insight that is quintessential to the culture of Punjab, the campaign aims to heighten the excitement around Lohri celebrations by leveraging AI that allows consumers to create hyper-personalized content themed on the format of Tappa folk songs. In line with our hyper-local play, we will continue to highlight regional and hyper-local nuances of such celebrated festivals as part of our upcoming campaigns true to our brand proposition.”

Azazul Haque, Chief Content Officer India Media Monks speaking on the #VaddiKhushiyaanDeTappe campaign said, "Continuing with the Tata Tea Premium Desh Ki Chai campaign, the idea was to go hyper personal from hyper local on Lohri. By using AI tools we thought of creating personalized Tappas which Punjabis sing to celebrate Lohri. We didn't just personalize the themes of Tappas but also each Tappa can be personalized to individuals. As families sing Tappas to celebrate Vaddi Khushiyan on Lohri, we thought of roping in Shehnaz Gill, a big name in Punjab Entertainment Industry and by using AI tools design personalized Tappas in her voice and video and get it sent to individuals who have requested for it. Tata Tea Premium and Media Monks will continue this journey of creating hyper local, hyper personalized campaigns using social tech platforms to engage with consumers on various events and festivals.”

The campaign is further amplified through limited edition festive packs in 500gm and 1kg which have been launched using the illustrative style of vibrant truck art of Punjab. The rich visuals and colourful packaging narrate stories on Lohri, manifesting through its quintessential elements of dance, food and colorful celebrations. These packs will be available in all outlets across Punjab.
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