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Earth Day Celebrations at Sat Paul Mittal School

Children display poster during Earth Day Celebrations
Children display poster during Earth Day Celebrations
Ludhiana, April 23, 2021 (News Team):
Sat Paul Mittal School celebrated Earth Day with a new dream and hope. It promised a lot of events and activities for the children which catered to their holistic development. The Junior School conducted a live workshop on ‘Waste Management’ which sensitized children about waste crisis and empowered them to solve the problem. The school was abuzz with an array of activities.

The school celebrated the Earth Day with a myriad of educational and fun activities. The workshop was conducted by Riddhima Karwa, alumni of Sat Paul Mittal School and founder of DO-No-Trash, to apprise us of the ways to re-solve trash issues, in homes and work spaces. Trash and waste disposal is not only an aesthetic problem but also a serious health, ecological and economic issue. A DIY activity on T-shirt painting was conducted after the workshop. The students enjoyed the activity thoroughly. The students were apprised on waste management and were empowered to solve the waste problem by 60%. They were taught how to make eco- bricks and composting.

Children learnt how to make compost at home as it is the most effective way to handle organic waste. They also learnt vegetable printing, forest making and earth day poster making. The purpose of keeping the environment clean and green was beautifully explained and highlighted as well.

For Senior School students, the Earth Day was integrated with various activities conducted by the mathematics department. Technologically proficient, socially aware students not only got together to discuss and know more about the sustainable development goals but also understood the world around them through mathematical concepts such as symmetry, sets, green banking and much more.

Earth Day proved to be an opportunity for the students to integrate the prevalent environmental issues with mathematics. Our school believes that teaching children to respect nature will help them in creating a better, peaceful, green and safe place to live in. The students were sensitized about the importance of saving our environment.
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