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Vibha Chibber is like my real mother on sets says handsome hunk – Karan Khanna

Vibha Chibber and Karan Khanna
Vibha Chibber and Karan Khanna
Mumbai, February 17, 2021 (News Team): They say in the entertainment industry when you shoot for timeless hours, it’s the people on sets that become your family. Such is the scenario in Star Bharat's’ recently launched show Amma Ke Babu Ki Babys’ lead actor Karan Khannas’ life. The actor is said to be a mommas’ boy in real life and looking at the first episode of their recently launched show it seems that the actor has found himself a mother on the sets in the form of the versatile and legendary actress Vibha Chibber. Sources inform us that their bond on the set is so strong that be it an emotional scene or a track filled with fun and laughter, their bond and respect for each other comes out naturally when they shoot.

Talking about the show, as the title says it is the story revolves around two individuals who are from diametrically opposite socio-economic backgrounds and how their journey is going to bring new changes in the life of Babu and Baby.

When spoken to the actor himself on his equation with Vibha Chibber on the sets of the show he said, “I feel truly blessed to have got the opportunity to work with Vibha Ji. She is truly a gem of a person and there is a lot to learn from her. I see a lot of my mother in her. There was recently a scene we shot where we both were supposed to share an emotional moment and it was so natural. Neither of us had to use glycerin, both of us genuinely felt so into the moment that actual tears started to roll down our eyes. A lot of people who know me well, know how close I am to my mother, and being away from her at the moment, Vibha Ji has filled that void.”

To watch this duo come on your screen start tuning in every Monday to Friday to watch Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby at 9:30pm only on Star Bharat.

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