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Usha set to launch six new models to hit the shelves this month

The MC 8200 QCP
The MC 8200 QCP

Ludhiana, January 21, 2021 (News Team): Usha International, India’s leading consumer durables company, is set to launch six new sewing machines this month to further strengthen its existing portfolio. The three new sewing machines that are already in stores include Usha Quilt Magic, Design Craft, and Sew Magic, and bear testimony to the brand’s commitment to offer innovative products based on consumer insights and preferences. These easy-to-use automatic computerized machines, boasting exceptional speed and precision, cater to everyone – novice to expert – and give wings to one’s creativity and designing skills, enabling once to explore ones unique personal style.

Following these, three more sewing machines will be launched later in the month – MC 8200 QCP, Style Stitch, and Mystique. Offering a wide range of superior features, these machines are designed to cater to the surging number of creatively inclined people across the country – be it homemakers, sewing enthusiasts, fashion designing students, tailors, and boutique owners.

Usha Quilt Magic comes with top loading full rotary hook bobbin, which ensures silent and smooth operation. The sewing machine offers specialized quilting features including 300 built-in stitches that can go up to 7 mm wide, a wide collection of buttonholes, and 1 font for monogramming, giving the user multiple options to choose from. The machine can be operated with the start-stop button, and the speed can be adjusted with a slider placed on the machine. Usha Quilt Magic is equipped with a customized sequence of stitch packages as well as a hardcover for consumer safety. It has an Instruction Book provided as easy reference to understand the machine’s operation.

Usha Quilt Magic is also equipped with an automatic thread cutter, which indicates that the upper and lower thread is cut automatically, and a lock stitch button that locks in the seam by making three stitches at the same place when the stitching is complete. Further, the machine has a default setting to ensure the needle remains inside the fabric when stitching is stopped, helping make perfect corners. Other useful features include manual thread tension control for adjusting the upper thread, automatic threading without straining the eyes, a slider switch that helps control the machine’s speed, and a snap-on presser foot arrangement helps in changing the presser foot easily. Additionally, Usha’s Quilt Magic sewing machine comes with a free quilting kit that includes a walking foot and two parallel stitch guides for all the quilting enthusiasts!

The Usha Quilt Magic is priced at INR 49,000/-

Usha Design Craft sewing machine offers 50 built-in stitches, going up to 7mm width, which further enhances the decorative patterns as well as three one-step buttonholes for ease of sewing. Silent and smooth while in operation with its top-loading full rotary hook bobbin, this automatic machine comes with time-saving features including a start and stop button, automatic threading, and a calibrated thread tension dial for adjusting the upper thread tension. The machine can stitch at a speed of up to 860 SPM that can be adjusted with a slider option provided on the panel.

The Design Craft is priced at INR 32,000/-

Usha Sew Magic sewing machine has is equipped with specialized features including a top loading full rotary hook bobbin for silent and smooth operation. It has 30 built-in stitches that can go up to 5 mm in width, allowing users to explore endless variations. The Sew Magic can stitch at a speed of up to 820 SPM, has a start and stop button, and a slider to regulate the speed of the machine. Designed to be extremely user friendly, this machine takes one’s creativity to the next level and offers ease of sewing with features like automatic threading and a calibrated thread tension dial for adjusting the upper thread tension.

The Sew Magic is priced at INR 19,100/-

A quilter’s best friend, the Usha MC 8200 QCP is a high-precision machine equipped with specialized quilting features including a detachable Accu-feed flex system that keeps all the layers of the quilt aligned, and allows 11 inches of extra space helping quilters working on large projects. This sturdy machine offers a stitch width of up to 9mm and 170 in-built stitch patterns allowing for a multitude of effects and textures. Additionally, the machine offers 10 one-step buttonhole, and 3 fonts for monogramming, allowing the user to experiment using a variety of options. The ingenious automatic machine offers time-saving features including a superior needle threader, super fine needle position adjustment, and a speed of 1000 stitches per minute making it ideal for heavy-duty work.

The MC 8200 QCP is priced at INR 115,500/-

The Usha Style Stitch and Usha Mystique are high-performance Janome machines that are consistently flawless in operation, allowing the user to focus on creativity and output. These machines have an aluminum body with a flat-bed ensuring durability, and a rigid carrying handle for easy portability. These machines offer a choice of 22 built-in stitching designs, a 4-step buttonhole, and a stitch width of up to 5mm, allowing for endless variations and possibilities. These user-friendly machines are also equipped with 3 dials that allow users to adjust the stitch width, length, and also select patterns from the colour-coded reference chart. Other features include a lever for reverse stitching and a calibrated thread tension dial for adjusting the upper thread tension. The Mystique also comes with an additional sewing light which aids better stitching.

Usha Style Stitch is priced at INR 16,000/- and Usha Mystique is priced at INR 20,000/-

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