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48 new positive cases of coronavirus reported in Ludhiana today

Ludhiana, April 30, 2020 (News Team): Deputy Commissioner Ludhiana Pradeep Kumar Agrawal today informed that 48 new positive cases of coronavirus have been reported in district Ludhiana today, out of which 38 cases are related to pilgrims who came from Nanded (Maharashtra), one case is related to woman jail, two of labourers (out of which one came from Gwalior and one came straight to civil hospital for treatment), six are related to different areas of district Ludhiana, while one is a contact case related to already positive BDPO.

He informed that a total of 2380 samples have been sent for testing from district till date, out of which 77 cases (all from Ludhiana) have been found positive, eight patients have been discharged post treatment and five deaths have been reported.

Deputy Commissioner appealed to the residents of District Ludhiana to understand the gravity of situation and should prefer to stay indoors. He said that people should not misuse the relaxations given from 7 am to 11 am. He said that people support is necessary to check the spread of COVID 19. He also clarified that if people do not follow the directions of the Punjab government, then the Police would take strict action against them.

He again clarified that the shops already permitted for home delivery of essential commodities, Agriculture equipment, agri hardware shops etc can do counter sale from 7 am to 11 am daily. He informed that they can do home delivery only from 11 am to 7 pm only and counter sale would be strictly restricted from 11 am to 7 pm. He informed that these shopkeepers would have to strictly ensure that all their workers wear masks, there is no rush of people, people should stand at 2 metre distance from each other. If the shopkeeper fails to ensure this, then their permission would be cancelled.

He further clarified that people who want to visit those shops do not require any pass from 7am-11 am, but they can commute only by foot. He said that they would not be allowed to use any vehicle to get essential commodities and if any person is found doing so, strict action would be taken against them. He appealed to the shopkeepers to ensure that all guidelines and SOP issued by the Punjab government is strictly complied with. He also appealed to the residents that only one person goes out to buy essential commodities, they should wear masks, wash hands properly and also clean the items purchased from those shops.

He further stated that the shops located in rural areas of district can also open from 7 am to 11 am for counter sale. People would not require any pass during that period, and they would have to commute on foot. If there is any shopping mall in these areas, those shops selling essential commodities would not be allowed to open. Only those permitted that sell essential commodities, stationary etc. He clarified that shops providing services such as barber shops etc will not be allowed to open.

He warned of strict action if anyone is found using that 7 am to 11 am time slot for any other purpose, other than buying essential commodities. He said that for shops (without permission) located in urban areas, only standalone shops (having no other shop on either side) can be opened. He said that shops of essential commodities inside residential complexes, gated colonies, vehras etc can be opened. Any shop inside a market, market complexes, shopping malls cannot open. He said that the wholesale market selling essential goods would open only after 11 am. The Restaurants, liquor ships, ahatas will not open.

He informed that the Union government has issued new directions for the migratory population residing in other states. He informed that if such persons want to go to their home state, they would have to apply at www.covidhelp.punjab.gov.in from May 1, 2020 onwards. He also clarified that such movement would be possible only if governments of both states agree to it. Before the start of movement, screening of all persons would be done, and would be allowed only if the person is found fit to travel. He said that the directions related to how this movement would be done, they would be issued by the Union government shortly.
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