Aladdin to get married but not to Yasmine!

Siddharth Nigam as Ali and Pal John as Sultana Adaya
Siddharth Nigam as Ali and Pal John as Sultana Adaya
Mumbai, December 13, 2019 (News Team): Wedding bells ahead in Aladdin in Sony SAB’s Aladdin: Naam Toh Suna Hoga. A new woman has entered Aladdin’s life. This highly revered show is set to witness a grand union between Aladdin and Queen of Misr, Sultana Adaya, played by the immensely talented, Pal John. While the beloved duo of Sony SAB, Aladdin (Siddharth Nigam) and Yasmine (Avneet Kaur), were seen coming closer to each other, the journey of Alasmine has taken a shocking turn. The upcoming episodes reveal Aladdin’s decision to marry Sultana Adaya and Yasmine’s reaction to it.

Recently, the viewers witnessed Alasmine ka Ishqnama as Prince Ali finally revealed his true identity as Aladdin to the love of his life, Yasmine. The duo post their reunion, joined hands to get Ginoo (Raashul Tandon) back from Zafar’s (Aamir Dalvi) control. While they successfully turn Ginoo to his good old self, things take a rather serious turn as Baghdad is hit with a violent snow storm.

Aladdin and his toli find out that the only way to save Baghdad was to find a device which will help divert the snow storm and the only person who has the device is the Queen of Misr, Sultana Adaya. On a quest to save Baghdad, Aladdin, Zafar, Yasmine and the entire toli reach Misr and as they enter the palace, Ali is mistaken as the Sultan of Misr. Sultana Adaya fascinated by Ali, announces that he will indeed be her Sultan and announces their marriage.

The story takes a jaw dropping twist as Ali agrees to the proposal in front of Yasmine.
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