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Satyan Namya Joshi attended a five day exchange program at ‘KEOS 2019’ in Jyvaskyla, Finland

Namya Joshi delivering a keynote at KEOS 2019
Namya Joshi delivering a keynote at KEOS 2019
Ludhiana, November 27, 2019 (News Team): Namya Joshi, a student of Grade VII of Sat Paul Mittal School and her mentor, Ms. Monica Joshi, IT Head, Sat Paul Mittal School, Global Minecraft Mentor and Microsoft Innovator Educator Expert were invited as the guest speakers at Pavillionjonki, Jyvaskyla, Finland at the event ‘KEOS 2019’. They were invited by Poke Vocational College, Äänekoski, Finland. This prestigious program brought together students and educators to showcase their best practices in the digital transformation across the world.

Namya was taken to the tour of different schools. She taught Minecraft at Mikonpuisto Kindergarten School and Telakkakadu Koulu High School. The facilitators as well as the students found it fascinating to use Gamification as an emphatic teaching and learning tool for higher education. She attended a press conference at Mikonpuisto. Unleashing her potential, she also underwent a training cum hands on session on Augmented Reality, 3-D Printing, and Simulators by Poke Vocational College.

Namya delivered a keynote at ‘KEOS’ and conducted workshops about how literature can be made fun with Minecraft, using interesting ice breaking activities. The presence of Ministers, Directors, and Principals of Finnish Schools made the event even more significant. Ms. Monica Joshi also conducted workshops wherein she taught Minecraft, Wakelet, Flipgrid and other MS Tools.

Namya was also invited at Edu Days event organized by Microsoft at Gurugram. She had the proud privilege to share the stage with Mr. Anant Maheshwari, President Microsoft, India wherein she left everyone spell bound with her nimble wit and subject expertise. He applauded her for training not only her peers but also teachers across India, Vietnam, Hungary and Finland, thus empowering them to use Minecraft, Flipgrid, Kahoot and Forms in the classrooms.

Ms. Bhupinder Gogia, Principal, Sat Paul Mittal School, congratulated Namya Joshi on her remarkable accomplishment and wished her luck for the future endeavours. She was ecstatic, acknowledging the efforts put in by the mentors at Sat Paul Mittal School to fulfil the vision of the school to nurture empowered leaders of tomorrow leading to a consistently high level of pupil achievement.
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