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Usha International launched Bloom Series Fans

Usha Bloom Magnolia Fan
Usha Bloom Magnolia Fan
Ludhiana, September 07, 2019 (Akash Sharma): Usha International, one of India’s leading consumer durables companies, has launched its complete range of Usha Bloom series fans inspired by flowers aptly named Daffodil, Primrose, Magnolia, Dahlia, and Lily, further strengthening its Goodbye Dust fans portfolio this festive season.

Commenting on this, Pranav Malhotra, Category Marketing Lead - Fans, Usha International Ltd said, “The Bloom series fans are so aesthetically attractive that this festive season will give our consumers the perfect reason to bring one home. They are vibrant, elegant, and exotic, and of course, come with the promise of superior quality and performance that Usha fans are trusted for. So go buy one today to add a flower to your home that will always be in full bloom.”

Available in attractive colour combinations ranging from a sparkle grey and blue, sparkle golden and cherry, and sparkle red and black, as well as the greys and blacks, these fans are beautiful enough to be conversation starters in themselves. The sweep size ranges from 1250 mm to 1300 mm with air delivery between 230 m3/min and 250 m3/min at a speeds of 260 rpm to 380 rpm. While the Bloom Daffodil, Magnolia, and Primrose series are 3-blade fans and priced at INR 3100, the Bloom Dahlia and Lily are 4-blade fans priced at INR 4700, and INR 4900, respectively.

Inspired by flowers and the role they play in enhancing various aspects of our lives and relationships to create beautiful moments that can be cherished forever, the TVC for this breaks free of type casts with the woman taking charge. “Contrary to the perception that it’s a man who makes all home-led decisions, the independent woman of today who, along with being a successful professional, also takes charge of curating the best experiences for herself and her loved ones, including choosing the how she wants to accessorize her home – that includes fan, appliances, furniture etc.” said Sandeep Tiwari, President - Marketing, Usha International Ltd.
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