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Namya Joshi of Sat Paul Mittal School conferred with the E-Innovation Award 2018

Namya Joshi
Namya Joshi
Ludhiana, March 12, 2019 (News Team): It is a proud moment for Sat Paul Mittal School that Satyan Namya Joshi, student of VI grade has recently been conferred upon with the E-Innovation Award 2018 by Mugu Foundation. She is the youngest recipient amongst 27 prominent personalities across the world, who will receive this award in the month of April, 2019. More than 3000 Nominations were received from 18 countries for these Awards. MUGU International Foundation (MIF) is internationally renowned organization and one of the leading organizations in India.

At an age where most children are lost in fun-filled activities, Namya, a 12 year child has become an icon for others. Her fascination for Collaboration, Minecraft, and Skype Learning began when she was just ten years old. What’s truly endearing about Namya is that she has trained facilitators not only in her school but also in the city and across the country. She is an active participant in various global projects. She has 30 Google and Microsoft certifications to her credit. She enjoys thinking in an interdisciplinary way, making connections and creating bridges between realms.

To quote Namya, “This achievement is the highest honor and tremendous highlight of my academic life”. She feels fortunate that she is a student of the school like Sat Paul Mittal, where the teachers stimulates a student’s brain in the most meaningful way and where the Principal supports progressive ideas for her School.

Bhupinder Gogia, Principal, Sat Paul Mittal School, congratulated Namya for this remarkable achievement.
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