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Mohana and Pishachini team up against Divya Drishti

Monalisa and Sangita Ghosh for Divya Drishti
Monalisa and Sangita Ghosh for Divya Drishti
Mumbai, March 16, 2019 (News Team): StarPlus’ latest offering Divya Drishti is keeping the viewers hooked with the enchanting and glamorous looks of Sangita Ghosh touted as Pishachini. Playing the villainous evil spirit who is after the powers of Divya and Drishti, Pishachini will now have a partner to attain the ultimate power.

Pishachini driven by her malicious intents has already become very powerful with the might of two magic stones only on the quest to get the powers of the last one. The already dominant Pishachini will now be seen joining hands with the equally sinister and extremely high-powered Mohana from StarPlus’ Nazar. All strength and might of Mohana is concentrated in her long braid which she uses to destroy anything that acts as an obstruction to her.

This quest of Pishachini is about to become even more thrilling and vicious as this Mahasangam with Mohana will no way out for Divya and Drishti from the set trap of the evil powers. It will be very exciting to see the two leading antagonists i put their malicious plans together and keep the viewers on the edge of their seats. Unlike the concourse of avengers to save the world, these evil powers will team up to have contrarian intents to create a huge menace in the lives of Divya and Drishti.

This is the first time we will see Sangita Ghosh and Monalisa together.Sangita Ghosh on shared, “ I’ve taken great inspiration from Monalisa’s character in Nazar, since I am playing Pishachini’s role. Although this is the first time I am working with her, it feels like I’ve known her for ages .We hit it off really well and it’s been a pleasure to work with her.” Monalisa was super thrilled to be working with Sangita Ghosh and shared, “I’ve watched her on television and it feels surreal to share the screen with her. She is so pretty and down to earth, and it has been great working with her so far. Her energy is commendable and the viewers’ are in for a delight as we Bengali girls are going to kill it on screen.”

Brace yourself for an exhilarating ride into the world of two evil divas who have now come together to pursue the supernatural powers of Divya and Drishti!
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