When Sheena Bajaj met real life lawyers!

Sheena Bajaj
Sheena Bajaj
Mumbai, July 03, 2018 (Akash Sharma): STAR Plus’, recently launched show, Mariam Khan – Reporting Live has been riding high on its intriguing story-line. In the upcoming episodes, actress Sheena Bajaj will be seen taking on her role of a lawyer in a full-fledged way.

Sheena’s character, Meher has been shown to be studying to become a lawyer and we hear that in the upcoming story-line, her character will land up a job at a leading law firm in Bhopal (where the story is set). Meher’s character has been someone who wishes to focus on her career and be independent.

In order to prepare for her character, Sheena on her off day from shoot met a few real life lawyers to understand their personality and body language.

Highlighting on her character’s upcoming story-line, Sheena Bajaj commented, “I am very excited about the track and the fact that my character will be relatable for so many girls who wish to choose career over other things. I have had a few lawyers’ friends who made me meet their seniors and bosses. It was a great experience understanding how to be a lawyer first hand for my character.”
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