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Ravi Dubey turns rapper for Sabse Smart Kaun?

Ravi Dubey
Ravi Dubey
Mumbai, July 02, 2018 (Akash Sharma): Actor, Dancer, Host Ravi Dubey who is currently seen on StarPlus’ daily ‘Sabse Smart Kaun?’ will be trying something completely new and different for the first time. He will be seeing rapping on the show.

Ravi loves to challenge himself and try different things to keep his high as an artist. After being a part of daily soaps, reality shows, movies, he will now rap on the show. Talking about rappers, Ravi says, “I feel gazals were invented by men but rap songs were invented by women because they talk a lot (laughs). But surprisingly our country has a lot of male rappers like Badshah, Honey Singh, Raftaar. Our contestant Huma, is a great rapper and I’m her fan already.”

The upcoming episode of ‘Sabse Smart Kaun?’ will see rappers and story tellers on the show. Inspired by the rapping duo, Ravi too will rap along with them. The rap goes,

Keetabi Keeda Hona Zaroori Nahi Hai, Sapne Poore Karne Ka Mauka Yahin Hai,
Aaja Yahan Tu Ghar Baith Lala,
Akkal Ke Bakkal Ka Bas Khol Tala.
Common Sense Agar Hai Thodi Tere Andar,
Mukkadar Ka Phir Tu Banega Sikandar.
Soch Se Banegi Teri Kismat Buland,
Aray Bhai, Akalmandh Hi Banega Daulatmand.

Wow, one man so many talents? Impressive.
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