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Lara Dutta establishes Girl Power on High Fever-Dance Ka Naya Tevar

Lara Dutta
Lara Dutta
Mumbai, March 18, 2018 (Team Online News India): &TV’s dace reality show, High Fever… Dance ka Naya Tevar, is all set to captivate the audience with not just spectacular performances from the participating duos but also an endearing chemistry. During the auditions, one such Jodi brought out a different side to debutant judge Lara Dutta that established girl power in full force!

As per a little birdie on sets, two contestants Aanya and Anisha shared their story with the judges after an outstanding performance. Aanya’s father revealed how having five daughters and no son disappointed him initially, but looking at Ananya’s talent and her perseverance he feels that his daughter is the one who gave him an opportunity to walk up on stage on National Television. A proud moment that was applauded whole heartedly by the judges and audience alike. All the judges were moved by their story and were glad to know that dance had the power to change mindsets and make people believe that daughters can bring home as much prosperity as a son.

It was then that Lara Dutta shared something personal with everyone present, “We are an all-girls family and after my two sisters, my parents probably thought why not try for a son.... and I was born (smiles). In fact, my entire family tree is full of women. My dad was an Air-Force pilot and everyone had this notion that only a boy will be able to carry that legacy forward. But my sister ended up being the first woman helicopter pilot in the Airforce in India, and I was the second woman from India to bring back the Miss Universe Crown.”

The Dutta girls have sure made their parents proud and proved that it’s not just a man’s job to carry forward the family legacy. Lara definitely gave GIRL POWER goals to every parent and contestant present!

High Fever salutes their spirit and says more power to the girls and daughters of the country.
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