Follow your passion but don’t be selfish: Ahmed Khan

Ahmad Khan on High Fever
Ahmad Khan on High Fever
Mumbai, March 25, 2018 (Team Online News India): High Fever…Dance Ka Naya Tevar, &TV’s newest dance reality show is raising the temperature with every episode by showcasing incredible talent from across the nation. During the auditions, only 19 jodis from across the country made it to the Mega auditions. In the Mega auditions this week, viewers will see contestants perform only for 100 seconds within which the judges Ahmed Khan, Lara Dutta and Dana Alexa will decide if they qualify for the Gala Premiere or not. With technically and emotionally sound judges on the panel, one can only expect nothing but the best to go forward in the competition.

One of the jodis Gaurav and Anuska with their specialisation in contemporary and acrobatics will be seen charming the judges with a mind-blowing performance. However, the makers played a video featuring his parents expressing how much they miss him and want him to come back. Turns out that Gaurav ran away from home to pursue dance as a career and hasn’t gone back since. Despite several attempts made by Lara Dutta and Ahmed Khan to make him realise the importance of family, Gaurav failed to understand his parents’ emotions. He seemed stuck to the idea of earning a lot of money and making it big in the show.

Hearing Gaurav’s debate, Ahmed Khan lost his cool and said, “There is no limit to how much you can earn, but there are many people whom I know who have enough money but dying to get love from their parents. You are lucky to have your parents’ hands on your head. You are giving so much sorrow to them just to fulfill your dreams. I would say don’t earn money, earn blessings. If I don’t go to home for 2 days, my mom gets upset and I love her. You are missing on a lot. Follow your passion but don’t be selfish. Can you return these years to them they have spent waiting for you if you don’t succeed in your choice of career, no right? Go back and call your parents now.”

Everyone present on the set was surprised by Ahmed’s reaction to the whole situation. This little outburst says a lot about the dancing maestro who has made it big in the Bollywood industry. A complete family man, Ahmed is extremely close to his loved ones and dotes on them. This emotion and outburst led Gaurav to find a sounding board in Ahmed and take his advise seriously. The once adamant Gaurav actually spoke to his parents.

It seems like High Fever, staying true to its name, is raising temperatures with dance and emotions as well.
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