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Rama welcomes another challenge in Tenali Rama

Krishna Bharadwaj as Rama in Tenali Rama
Krishna Bharadwaj as Rama in Tenali Rama
Mumbai, February 26, 2018 (Online News India): With his smart and witty ways, Rama is always successful in solving tricky cases. But this week on Tenali Rama, Rama has to deal with a difficult task.

In the upcoming episode, Krishnadevaraya announces that on the auspicious occasion of Makar Sankranti in Vijayanagar, they will be worshipping the Goddess Kali. Like every year, the procession will carry the Devi’s ornaments from the palace to the temple and Tathacharya will have to carry the box on his head. On the way of the procession, the box of ornaments gets stolen and replaced with another one. When the procession reaches the temple, everyone finds that the ornaments are stolen and the box is full of stones.

In the Darbaar, a messenger informs that Dhananjay, the biggest Lord of Wealth in India, is behind this robbery. He tells the King that Dhananjay wants Krishnadevaraya to bend on one knee in front of him and give a huge piece of land to him along with respect. And, only after that will Dhananjay return the box of ornaments. The King disagrees and tells the messenger that Dhananjay must prepare for war! Rama leaves to meet Dhananjay without the King’s consent where he ends up saving his mute grandson. Rama tells Dhananjay that he can get his mute grandson to talk if he promises to return the box of ornaments. Dhananjay retorts that he can give him anything except the ornaments box.

Speaking about this challenge, Krishna Bharadwaj (Tenali Rama) said, “Rama is up for an immense challenge to protect the honor and respect of Vijayanagar. He will have to come up with a ‘Do or Die plan. But what is interesting is to watch if Rama convinces Dhananjay or no that too without keeping Krishnadevraya in loop.“
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